User-centred technology.

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I'm all about how creative technologies can be implemented to boost user engagement.

I’m a current student of MSc User Experience Engineering at Goldsmiths, investigating how a smart home app can be optimised for caring for people with dementia while addressing privacy concerns and designing a research programme to optimise social software to make new friends in the pandemic. I’m building my dev skills, using javascript frameworks like UIKit to create dynamic layouts and c3 and d3plus to build interactive data visualisations.

My research interests are in the UX of VR headsets and how virtual experiences can help people interact with Arts institutions during the pandemic. I’m looking for an industry partner to work with to explore the effectiveness of different techniques to build public engagement in the age of distancing.


My practice builds on eight years of experience working in marketing and design in the healthcare sector. Before taking the plunge and enrolling at Goldsmiths, I was working as a Senior Graphic Designer with projects including motion graphics for digital out-of-home, social creative and print. I’m still taking on projects on a freelance basis and see samples of my work here.